January-March Wrap up

A round up of what I read in the first quarter of 2019


Short Stories by Manto: Reading for the Soul

Find the book on Goodreads here. My interest in Manto arose when I came across his essay, 'Why I write'. I am among those people who like to research the authors because it gives more character and context to their work. When I googled Manto, the algorithms threw a myriad of things in front of … Continue reading Short Stories by Manto: Reading for the Soul

Book Review: Malhaar

Malhaar is a collection of poems by Ambica Uppal. The book is divided into six different sections with each section dealing with themes like letting go, loving yourself, depression etc. Each poem is accompanied by an illustration. The first thing that attracted me towards the book was the cover. Since I am a person who … Continue reading Book Review: Malhaar

Book Talk: Why you MUST read Dozakhnama?

Who tells the greatest story — God or Manto? Dozakhnama: Conversations in Hell is an extraordinary novel, a biography of Manto and Ghalib and a history of Indian culture rolled into one. Exhumed from dust, Manto’s unpublished novel surfaces in Lucknow. Is it real or is it a fake? In this dastan, Manto and Ghalib … Continue reading Book Talk: Why you MUST read Dozakhnama?

Book Review: Strange Secrets

Strange Secrets by Mike Russell is a collection of seven short stories which invites you to discover the magical and the marvelous. Startlingly inventive and constantly entertaining, these unique, vital and vividly realized stories will take you to places you have never been before. Like his previous work, I loved reading these short stories. The … Continue reading Book Review: Strange Secrets

Book Review: Blind to Succeed

Blind to Succeed by Michael Atkins is a book examining what it takes to achieve personal success. It falls under the "self-help" genre. The book is divided into 30 short, succinct, and crisp chapter The book talks about how to overcome your fears, how to change your perspective, how to win your inner game etc. Pretty … Continue reading Book Review: Blind to Succeed