Book Talk: The Bell Jar (Mild Spoilers)

TRIGGER WARNING: Mild spoilers and mention of suicide and self-harm The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is the story of Esther Greenwood-a beautiful, brilliant, and an intelligent woman falling into depression. The novel takes you inside the mind of the protagonist and gives detailed insight about what it is like to succumb to the mental … Continue reading Book Talk: The Bell Jar (Mild Spoilers)

Book Review: The Exploding Book

The Exploding Book by Mike Russell takes you on a surreal journey to a weird world. The residents of the town believe that their town is inside a big box and nothing lies beyond it. And then, BOOM, the library of the town explodes killing the librarian and leaving nothing but one book behind. Similar … Continue reading Book Review: The Exploding Book

Book Review: 20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being

20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-being by Ashraf Haggag is a book in the genre of self-help. The book is divided into 20 chapters with each chapter delineating one principle/guideline/rule for well-being. Being an avid reader of the self-help genre, I found that the content is quite similar to the content found in any other … Continue reading Book Review: 20 Diamond Rules for Ultimate Well-Being

Book Review: Nomad and His Rhymes

Nomad and His Rhymes is a collection of 83 poems by Aashiesh Agarwaal touching upon the theme of love. It is divided into seven parts showing seven stages through which lovers pass. It is a very quick and light read. The poems are in the short form accompanied with illustrations. The themes are simple and … Continue reading Book Review: Nomad and His Rhymes

Book Talk: Palestine by Joe Sacco

2018 has been going great in terms of reading. I have been reading diverse books in different formats. Whenever I get into a writing slump, there comes a book which is so moving that it makes me want to write about it. The book I will be talking ( writing) about today is Palestine by … Continue reading Book Talk: Palestine by Joe Sacco