Hi there!

I am so happy to see you here. This is Ravneet Kaur. I am a pursuing a post-grad degree in Social Work from TISS, Mumbai. I am a commerce graduate from DU and decided to take a plunge into development sector. I spent the year following my graduation  in rural Chhatisgarh working with mothers and kids.After that, I spent 6 months in Delhi working in MCD schools.

I am a bibliophile who is a crazy fangirl.  I read anything and everything. You can talk to me about politics or vampires or philosophy or cute guys. You get the drift, right? Besides reading, I enjoy writing and photography. I dream of owning a book cafe in mountains with a cute little fireplace.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!

If you want to say Hi, shoot me a mail at ravneetkaur113@gmail.com.