Book Review: The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur

The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur by Priyonkar Dasgupta is a story of a group of boys embarking on an adventure in a town called Rajpur in suburbs of West Bengal. Shoumo, the protagonist, along with his elder brother, Shomik is visiting his cousin Joy. They are joined by Joy’s friends and together spend their time … Continue reading Book Review: The Speaking Ghost of Rajpur


Bookish Questions Book Tag

Hey! I came across this interesting list of bookish questions on the Internet and I decided to do it. Hope you like it.1) E-Books or Hard Copies?    Most definitely hard copies. I love the feeling of holding a book in my hand and turning the pages with occasional sniffing. I love the smell of old books.2) … Continue reading Bookish Questions Book Tag

Five Things Every Reader Can Relate to

1. Buy 10 new books even if there are 100 unread books on the bookshelf.// GIPHY2.Going to a bookstore and spending money like there is no tomorrow.// GIPHY3. Constantly living in fear if there's a big sale on books coming up because you already splurged on the last one.And now you have no money even … Continue reading Five Things Every Reader Can Relate to